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“I just want to make them good citizens. If a child hears good music from the day of his birth, and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.” –Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

“ ... perhaps it is music that will save the world.” –Pablo Casals, after being moved to tears by a performance of Talent Education students in Tokyo, 1961.

Why We Teach Music
Not because we want you to major in music,
Not because we expect you to play and sing all your life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,
But — so you can be human
So you will recognize beauty,
So you will be sensitive,
So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world,
So you will have something to cling to,
So you will have more love, more compassion
More gentleness, more good — in short, more life,
Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?
That is why we teach music!
Taken from a Pennsylvania Music Educators’ Association newsletter

Boulder Suzuki Strings Feb 2014 newletter is here.

Mountain View United Methodist Church is teaming up with the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra and Boulder Suzuki Strings for a flood relief concert on Friday, Oct 4 at 7:00pm, 355 Ponca Place. For more information, click here.

Introducing the Prelude Class!   Early Childhood Music Education for children from birth to age 3!  A fabulous way to prepare your child for future instrumental music as well as basic pre-kindgergarten skills.  Classes starting this fall in Boulder and Broomfield.  For more information, please contact Stacey and Flori at info@PreludeMusicClass.com.

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