Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour Group

2022 Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour Group

The Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour Group is made up of a select group of advanced students who dedicate themselves to weekly rehearsals for nine months prior to their tour departure. They learn and memorize an hour long musical program, including choreography, that they will perform multiple times throughout their tour. The shared experiences in rehearsals and touring foster lasting friendships among group members that motivate their continued musical interests.

In 2010, BSS traveled to Costa Rica with a group of top-level students and initiated the first tour program. Since then, BSS has continued taking a select group of students on tour every other spring in an intercultural exchange partnership with local music programs. For the 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 tours, BSS returned to Costa Rica and continued developing relationships with local music programs as well as sharing music with new communities. The 2020 tour, which was also planned for Costa Rica, was unfortunately cancelled due to the global pandemic.

In the spring of 2022, the Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour Group will tour the western United States. Twenty-two high school students and three teachers will travel through New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado to perform concerts and collaborate with and mentor students in Suzuki and El Sistema programs.

To help fund this collaboration as well as donate instruments and related equipment to underfunded music programs during the tour, we have established a sponsorship program. Sponsoring organizations will not only advance these special collaborations, but also raise their own visibility within both the BSS and broader Boulder community. Please contact us at for details regarding sponsorship levels and benefits. Your tax-deductible donations are also greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for sponsoring the 2022 Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour Group:

Boulder Suzuki Strings 2022 Tour Group’s Final Concert in Grand Junction, Colorado