Any Child Can Learn

Since 1982, Boulder Suzuki Strings has offered Violin, Viola and Cello instruction to students ages 3 to 18 using the Suzuki Method, and has grown into a program of over 200 students with 13 highly-skilled and committed faculty who are dedicated to fostering Suzuki’s vision that “every child can.”

For ages birth through 3, we recommend Prelude Suzuki Early Childhood Education.

Suzuki means success because of its many unique aspects including:

Beginning at an early age (as young as three — see our Prelude classes for younger)
Developing skills in a positive, non-stressful environment
Progressing at the child’s own pace
Maintaining enthusiasm
Enjoying the learning experience
Most importantly, Suzuki provides a unique opportunity for the parent to encourage and help the child grow into a well-rounded, self-confident individual.  Unlike other methods, the Suzuki experience will create new, lasting bonds between the parent and the child and provide experiences for both that will long be cherished.

Suzuki instruction has proven over and over that just as every child learns to speak the mother tongue, every child, if given the opportunity and the proper environment, can learn to play a string instrument.

Give your child a lifetime gift of immeasurable value — the development of musical ability.