Margot LaPanse

Margot LaPanse joined the Boulder Suzuki Strings community in 1998 as the parent of a four year-old pre-twinkler.  Her daughter Alaina participated in the program for nearly fourteen years and gave her senior recital in the spring of 2012.  Even after leaving for college, she and Margot both stayed in touch with faculty, and have volunteered for Boulder Suzuki Strings in various capacities over the years.  In addition to the high caliber of music instruction, they both appreciate the many friendships that came about through this program, as well as the performance and travel experiences that helped Alaina develop confidence and poise as she was growing up. Margot holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering, and has worked in the local data storage industry for over 40 years.  In her spare time, she and her husband Ray enjoy hiking, traveling, attending local classical music concerts, and volunteer ushering every summer at the Colorado Music Festival at Chautauqua.